Dessert Options

Bavarian apple & mixed berry streusel
Served warm
Local sliced apples baked with  raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and bumble berries

with cinnamon and brown sugar topped with a Bavarian style vanilla streusel topping
(Our signature dessert)

Sweet Table

A variety of cakes, chocolate fudge, black forest, wild berry torte,

New York style cheese cake, lemon curd cake, raspberry torte, 
a variety of asst pies and squares
Served with coffee and tea

Fresh Fruit Platters 

Platters of Market Fresh Fruits, Pineapple, melons and Strawberries
beautifully arranged on large platters
served with coffee and tea

 Coffee and Tea Station

we can serve your wedding cake at n/c 

Hearty Sandwich Buffet 

Chicken salad on croissants

Smoked ham and Swiss on croissants

Roast beef on a kaiser with a light horseradish mustard sauce


Egg salad on white and whole wheat buns 
Open face salmon salad on rye
Vegetarian pinwheel wraps 

(1.5 sandwiches per person )
Macaroni salad
Southern style Coleslaw
German potato salad
Asst. olives, hot peppers rings and pickles

Coffee cream and sugar


Asst soft drinks and bottled water

Southern Style Chicken Quarter Buffet

Southern style Coleslaw
Potato salad with egg
 Roasted whole chicken leg quarter
Basted and smothered in our home made sweet and tangy hickory smoke B-B-Q  sauce

(or basted in Caribean Jerk sauce or zesty Portuguese Pimento sauce)
Baked beans

Buttered corn niblets


Baskets of freshly baked dinner rolls corn bread and whipped cinamon butter

Beef Stroganoff Buffet 

Tossed garden purples and greens salad
Herb and sun dried tomato vinaigrette


Tender beef stroganoff with mushrooms

Served with a choice of (pick one starch )

Herb and garlic buttered penne rigate pasta
Rice pilaf with diced green and red Peppers
Mashed potato with green scallions
Local honey glazed carrots

Baskets of freshly baked dinner rolls and whipped butter

Chicken Newburg Buffet

Caesar salad with garlic croutons
Chicken Newburg
Tender slices of grilled chicken and mushrooms
 Bathed in a white wine cream sauce
Served with (choose one)

Parsley buttered rotini pasta
Rice pilaf with diced green and red peppers
Mashed potato with green scallions
Roasted root vegetables
Baskets of freshly baked dinner rolls and whipped butter

Bavarian  Beef Rouladen Buffet

**Gourmet Kitchens Specialty **

Tossed garden salad with tomato and cucumber
Bavarian style beef roulade filled with local smoked bacon, onions and slice of pickle
Seared then baked in its own gravy
Braised red cabbage
Parsley buttered carrots
Oven roasted potatoes
Baskets of freshly baked dinner rolls and whipped butter

Roast Ontario Loin of Pork Buffet

Carrot cabbage and raison salad
In a creamy cider dressing


Pasta salad primavera
Roast Ontario loin of pork

roasted to one of the following flavours

Maple Cinamon with
Home made caramelized chunky apple sauce

Caribean Jerk marinade

Mango pineapple salsa

Portugeuse pimento sauce marinade

Rosemary and thyme roasted loin of pork

  Red wine reduction sauce 
Hot and regular mustard

Carved at the buffet for your guests
O’Brien potatoes
(Home fries with onion, red and green peppers)


Spanish style rice or Rice Pilaf
Buttered sweet green peas
Baskets of dinner rolls and whipped butter

Roast Beef Dinner Buffet Menu

Garden crisp salad garnished with tomato and cucumber
Tossed in a light Italian vinaigrette
Fusili Pasta salad Primavera
Southern style carrot and cabbage slaw

with dried cranberries, sprinkled with sunflower seeds
 creamy lemon and cider dressing
Tex Mex Seven bean and corn salad with roasted red peppers
Our famouse slow roasted  AAA beef

In a herbed crust with medium rare and well done available

served with

Whisky peppercorn sauce


Red wine beef jus reduction sauce
​Chef to carve at the buffet table
Pimento roasted potatoes
Local honey glazed carrots

Asst, dinner rolls and whipped butter

Other salads to choose from

Classic macaronni salad

potato and bacon salad

potato and egg salad with dill

classic potato salad

Green bean salad with spicey Italian sausage

Couscouse tabouleh 

Quinua salad with diced tomato cucumber & red peppers

Artichoke heart and button mushroom salad with roasted peppers

Greek horiatikii salad with crumbled feta cheese

Shrimp and surami crab salad with shell pasta & dill

Oriental vermicelli noodle salad with sesame hoisin dressing ​

Broccoli and cauliflower salad with herbed yogurt dressing

 Yellow and green bean salad with chick peas and red kidney beans

Fresh fruit salad 

Baby leaf purples and greens tossed with a citrus vinaigrette

Classic caesar salad

Italian style garden salad garnished with mini pickled hot peppers

tomato cucumber salad with purple onion and chive dressing

Balsamic marinated grilled vegetable salad

You May wish to add one of the following  Entrees

to your Buffet menu for your guests

Herb Roasted Chicken

Whole roasted chicken marinated in herbed olive oil 

 slowly roasted and cut up into pcs. for the buffet
can also be roasted in our sweet, smokey B.B.Q. sauce


Marinated and roasted in spicey Portuguese pimento sauce 

Merlot chicken and mushrooms 

Boneless breast of chicken cut into strips and grilled

 bathed in a rich Merlot wine sauce served over Fussili Pasta

Tuscan Chicken

Boneless breast of chicken strips grilled with sundried tomato , artichoke hearts, capers, sautéed peppers, onions and parmesan cheese

served over penne rigate pasta

Roast Ontario turkey

Oven roast white and dark turkey sliced

served with pan gravy and cranberry sauce


Celery and onion sage bread stuffing

Maple basted Roast Loin Pork

Tender loin of boneless pork

served with mustards and homemade chunky apple sauce

Chef to carve at the Buffet table 

also available in a Caribean jerk season marinade

served with a mango pineapple salsa


 Hickory smoke sweet and spicy Bar-b-que sauce

Smoked Ham baked in a dijin brown sugar glaze

Moist and tender smoked boneless ham

baked with a dijon and brown sugar glaze

served with choice of a Rum raison sauce or

Polynesian Pineapple sauce  or

Mustard white wine cream sauce

Chef to carve at the Buffet table 

Vegetarian baked penne rigate pasta

grilled eggplant , zuchinni , peppers , and mushrooms

tossed in our home made tomato basil sauce

​baked with a parmesan crust